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Epee NEPS screw

1 Epee NEPS bag ( 10 x epee NEPS screws)

7,00 €Price
Excluding Tax

includes a 10 x Epee NEPS  screws bag


Epee NEPS  screw design includes:


- Compatible with the dimensions of the conventional screws (German  and LP type Epee  screws (M2.0))

- the SEMI FIE commission has checked its functional compatibility with conventional Epee screws in a FIA World Cup.


-Through hole, to be inserted by a NEPS driver type screwdriver (basic or advanced), in order to  facilitate alignment of screws at in/out Tip Operations.

-Practicable on both Ends  (for better usability).

-Made from 416 Steel which allows a  broader Life span than that of the standard epee screw design.

-A steel collar that prevents tip's isolation piercing and improves the grip against the body of the arrest point.

-Can be manipulated with a standard 1.8mm flat head screwdriver, but it is advisable to use a special purpose screw driver for NEPS (PRO or BASIC NEPS DRIVERS) .


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