Basic NEPS Kit  - ( 10x NEPS Bag  + 1 x NEPS Driver)

Basic NEPS Kit - ( 10x NEPS Bag + 1 x NEPS Driver)

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This product  includes a 10 xNEPS bag + 1x NEPSDRIVER tool

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    NEPS - Compatible with the dimensions of conventional screws.              

    - The SEMI FIE commission has verified its functional compatibility with conventional screws in FIE competitions. -Your life time is several times (5-8) that of the standard design. -Practicable on both sides (better usability) .- Through hole to facilitate alignment.-Configuration without head and slot. - A steel collar that prevents the screwed envelope and improves the grip against the body of the arrest point. This screw can be manipulated with a standard 2mm flat head screwdriver, but it is advisable to use a special one: NEPS screwdriver.


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