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Here at FencingFan NEPS, we are willing to make our NEPS screw design available to everyone. We offer ourselves as a design that greatly facilitates the operation on epee or foil tips, also improving the tips fastening to their end.


We will not and will never be a sports brand with the mission of competing with other manufacturers and carriers of fencing equipment.


Our vision is clear: we want to offer solutions to improve the lives of fencers and make it easier for them to focus on their Fencing and not on their tips. This is why we are proud to be included in any fencing gear product catalog.




At FencingFan NEPS ... we are aware of the role that Fencing plays in your life.


We know that a fencing match against any opponent is something that can be complex, unique and unrepeatable and, just as real life, implies itself the existence of all levels of UNCERTAINTY.


Success or failure will largely depend on your ability to manage this UNCERTAINTY.


Electric Fencing Tech


Since decades, the use of mechanical-electrical technology associated with Olympic Fencing made it possible to detect real hits in an assault, as it allowed to translate a physical event (a minimum pressure applied to the weapon tip) - in the past only demonstrable by a ripped skin evidence - into an objective verifiable electrical pulse. In order to address this critical issue in a consistent way, Fencing Equipment firms have allways made a major design effort to minimize electrical fluidity errors.

That's WHY we're keen on helping Fencers to trust their Tip point SCREWS. Our Next Generation Design screws are intended to let Fencers to enjoy their  tips in a longer-lasting term and to make their point adjustments in a much easier way.


WE LOVE to help Fencers to easily CONTROL what is CONTROLLABLE.


We hope that addressing this small issues will help fencers not to GET DISTURBED from the hard path of learning to assume and face UNCERTAINTY; just as Fencing requires.


FencingFan NEPS helps fencers to focus on their Fencing..not on their Point tips! 



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