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New Point Screws in Epee Tip

- NEPS design improves attachment to the tip about 5-8 times the conventional screw before jumping off and  losing off the tip. This is due to the metal against metal friction grip effect between screw's collar and the body's point tip.

New Point Screw

-NEPS steel collar protects against over screwing when a big torque is applied so the inner isolation layer of the tip will never be trespassed. This prevents against short-circuits of the tip to ground. (Only valid for Epee NEPS version)

- NEPS  is both ends applicable so it’s much easier and faster to align it with the screw holes in the tip. Its Centered hole feature makes it much easier to take out the screw in case it´s damaged,  thus preserving the tip's life.

Neps screw in Epee Tip

- NEPS can be driven with a standard flat head screwdriver as well as with the special NEPS driver   which allows to  align easily the screw in any position of the tip ( vertical, horizontal,...) and retains screw from falling and losing it in the aligning phase. Armory Q&A Forum, 27 Nov 2013: NEPS screws  Analysis!   

"..NEPS were presented by Giandomenico Varallo (President of the SEMI COMISSION of the Italian Fencing Federation (FIS) ) at the Annual FIE SEMI COMMISSION meeting held in Lausane (Switzerland) this Summer (June).

Mr Varallo took some samples of my screws to make a scientific testing of their physical features at the LABORATORIO SCHERMA   “MARCELLO BAIOCCO” / IT ROMA

As a quick summary: Neps were tested for "...tension,torsion and fracture KIC comparing with a good quality traditional screw.
All the results were between 40 and 47% better than the traditional screw. The thread form is accurate finished and ensures an optimum hold...."

Ginadomenico wrote me: "I presented the report that you had seen on our annual meeting at the end of June. The reactions were all positive and the sensations too, everyone agrees that no approval is required for the screws. They all said what I told you first: your screws are too good for the producers.....

However I hope that the presentation will serve  to launch better your product."

Ricardo Arveras"

New Point Screw

More Detailed NEPS Features

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