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FencingFan NEPS have enjoyed the 2022 Barcelona FIE World Cup for Women Epee!

It has been once again an intense weekend ! FencingFan Neps have been there at the Barcelona World Cup. Many Thanks to this FIE Competition Organizers for have given us the opportunity to let our name to be much and better known! Photos: @su.dck

@fencingfanneps have been there on the podium to be given away as a prize to the members of the three best teams of the Barcelona World Cup EF in 2022.

Our little Nepsies already have new owners and along with their commemorative trophies for their respective achievements on

Individual Competition

Gold Song ( Corea), Silver Candassamy (Francia), Bronze Mallo (Francia), and Murtazaeva ( Rusia)

Team Competition

Gold (France), Silver (Russia) y Bronze (Italy )

will be an endearing memory for them at this unbeatable and increasingly memorable “Ciutat de Barcelona” International Trophy in its 45th Edition!

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