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FencingFan NEPS, now also available on Allstar !

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


We FencingFan NEPS are delighted to announce that we have finally settled a distribution agreement with ALLSTAR, nº 1 worldwide fencing equipment producer. This remarkable milestone for NEPS, makes our épée and foil tip screws available from now on at any Allstar sales booth located at the relevant competition venues.

Very happy because Allstar has acknowledged the singularity and benefits of our unique design which helps fencers by making it easier for them to concentrate on their fencing more than on the tip of their weapon.

Very happy for having been considered by Allstar to complete the wide range of technical solutions this top-tier firms offer to their customers around the world.

(Edit..January 2023) We are proud to see our NEPS design screws for Épée and Foil at Allstar fencing's online

Thank you very much for having us Allstar!

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