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New Foil NEPS Review !

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

(We @FencingFanneps are VERY THANKFUL to Eddy Manucu for the intensive testing of our new NEPS Foil Screws and our PRO NEPS Driver.

Eddy is the President and founder of the Club Fencing Granollers. He is also Master and Head of Foil of the Catalan Fencing Federation (@ esgrima.cat). At our request, Eddy kindly offered to test the use of the new FOIL NEPS at the CAR of Sant Cugat (Barcelona) with the foilist fencers under his discipline, who according to his own words “... train a lot and play hard. . ".

First impressions we get after more than 4 weeks cannot be better ...

“... from the beginning they are easy to mount on the tips. Now let's see how they behave ”(September 18)

"... the Blades where we mount them break often and every day we change them from one foil to another ..." (October 1)

“..I think they're fine. In addition, in this way, as they have this internal key, the heads are not damaged where before you had to use a classic screwdriver and sometimes it was difficult to remove them because they were crushed.

It is very easy to put them on and take them out. It is the first to stand out. Let's see over time .. But the first sensations are good .. "(October 1)

“(The testing team) has already been with them for about 8 days. Imagine ... In two weeks 5-6 FIE blades have been broken ... So do not doubt how we work ... ”(October 1)


“… How easy it is to mount and remove these screws. Also, at the moment, no tips have popped in the 4 weeks that we use these screws in 5 foils used 6-8 hours a week each. Assembling and disassembling happens because our blades break with certain frequency ... ”(October 26)

Thank you very much Eddy for your collaboration and experience!

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