1 Foil NEPS bag ( 10 x  Foil NEPS screws)

1 Foil NEPS bag ( 10 x Foil NEPS screws)

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This product consists in a 10 x  Foil NEPS screws  bag. 


 NEPS foil screw design includes:


- Dimensions compatible with German type foil screws (M1.7)


- Through hole, to be inserted by a NEPS driver type screwdriver (basic or advanced).


- grooves on both ends of the screw to be able to face it more easily in relation to the thread hole of the foil tip container.


- compatibility with the use of a flathead screwdriver, although it is advisable to use the NEPS driver to take better advantage of the unique design features of the NEPS screw

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