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January 2013. Ben Bratton did this first review on NEPS, posted in American Fencing Magazine and his Blog "Riposte Forum  November 1, 2012  I can't resist to show you some transcriptions of the outcomes from different participants on the Weapon forum  once they have had their NEPS experience (All of them Armorers)
  • "..I installed them in an LP GT2 blade this afternoon with no issues. It sure was a pleasure the way they go on the driver and stay attached while you get them started in the tip. I'd say they are worth it just for that feature alone." Portland, Oregon
  • "..I like them a lot. I think the lack of magnetic properties is less important than the fact that stainless won't rust, I'm happy with that.....Overall, 9/10. Good job." Texas Riviera (It now has magnetic properties!)
  • "..the collar ALONE will be worth the cost." Panorama City, California
  • "..They work as advertised. The little tool thing holds the screw much better than a magnetized screwdriver holds a standard screw, even an LP screw which has a deeper head groove than French or German screws.
  • The shoulder is very solid, you can clearly feel when they bottom out and they're in. That's a real plus. Standard screws go too deep and ground out sometimes, this should fix that..." Texas Riviera
  • "I can see another nice advantage of the design - it would be impossible to drive the screw thru the insulating sleeve on the tip, because of the shoulder. I've dealt with frustrating intermittent grounding issues after having overtightened a screw into an LP tip. .." Portland, Oregon
  • "..I will say this, the engineering on this screw is off the charts!
    ...a centered hollow cored screw is going to be extremely strong just by design. There is a reason why many high strength screws are hollow, they are stronger....Good job Ricardo." Houston
  • "As a guy who needs reading glasses to be able to even See a tip screw, I'd buy them just for the ability to stay on the driver during insertion....Beautiful design. " Portland Oregon
  • "..Other than that, as was quoted by one renowned Armorer, "F***ing brilliant design"..." Texas
NEPS screws improvement achievements Forum  26 Nov 2013: NEPS screws...improvement achieved!  Panorama City, ca USA
" I am happy to report that I now have 200 NEPS screws that stick to a magnetized screwdriver...and had NO problem putting them in at the SoCal JO quals this weekend.

H.O.M. will now be using the NEPS as it's default screw for epee.

Thanks for making the change, Ricardo"!         
My Armorer friends on Forum have tributed me a warm recognition because of NEPS invention  and it's distribution in the  US  Market. Thank you guys !!

Fencing-net Forum (July 2018) How one man continues to push the envelope - with screws 
"..I want to publicly thank and congratulate Ricardo Arveras Garcia @rarveras for his invention of NEPS - "New Epee Point Screws", his refinements of his invention (making them magnetizable) and how he keeps advancing the availability and distribution of his product.

I've been using NEPS for six years now. Before NEPS I lost about a screw a week. With NEPS, I now go several months between losing screws. And when I do lose a screw, I can easily spear either end of a NEPS and install it, unlike with a traditional screw where I can't even tell which end the slot is on since my close-up vision is bad."

Back in 2012 when I first ordered some NEPS, Ricardo was hand addressing shipments and mailing orders out from Barcelona. (I recently rediscovered that first envelope and a couple of those screws). While he processed orders quickly, it was great when he arranged with some US vendors to carry NEPS and you didn't have to wait for mail from Spain. 

Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and see a sponsored advertisment for ... NEPS. It linked to an Amazon listing which shows that in my area if order NEPS by noon today they can be delivered to my doorstep by 8 PM for same day NEPS. Wow. Just wow..."

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